MOTI Educators

MOTI Education is composed of five collaborators. Our story began six years ago when our group met to collaborate on and discuss various methods of teaching and trends in Education. These meetings were found to be quite productive and helpful and soon they became a regular occurrence. We soon noticed that the five of us share  similar, yet still diverse, ideas and thoughts about Education. Little by little, the idea of sharing our knowledge evolved, and eventually that led to starting  the MOTI Education.

If you need any assistance with developing teaching or education systems, please do not hesitate to contact anyone of us.

My name is Tuire Aakkula. I work as a language teacher in a lower secondary school. I’m also a member of the International team of my school. You can contact me via email:

My name is Saija Artama. I teach Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in a lower secondary school. I also have experience in working in school management. I’m a member of the ICT development team of the municipality. I am especially interested in combining science and art, as well as logical thinking and creativity in my teaching. I find the well-being of both a teacher and a student to play an important role in learning. You can contact me via email:

My name is Minna Karttunen. I’m a teacher of history, social studies and religion. I also work as a part of my school’s international team. 
I’m especially interested in project based learning and learning by doing. I enjoy planning new projects, watching how students learn from each other and ask critical questions. I love meeting new people and discussing about society, culture and education. In my spare time I love jogging in a nearby forest. You can contact me via email:

My name is Piia Tynkkynen. I’m a Special Education teacher in a lower secondary school. I help students who have learning difficulties, mental health problems or motivational challenges. My speciality is working with school drop-out students. I have worked in schools’ Welfare teams in different schools. You can contact me via email:

My name is Kati Vitikainen. I work as a Health Education teacher. I’m a member of the Welfare team of my school. I also guide peer supporters of the school. I want to develop Education and especially Health literacy and Welfare. I believe in positive and respectful attitude. The way people treat each other is crucial. You can contact me via email: