Motivation and Well-being of Students

Motivation and Well-being of Students

An Online Course

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The key element to success in teaching and learning is motivation. This course will give You tools for motivating students and help them better succeed in their studies.

What will You learn?

After studying this short course You will have better understanding about intrinsic and extrinsic motivators and how to use them in order to wake up Your students’ motivation. You will be able to improve the interaction between You and Your students as well as the interaction between the students.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is best suited for educators in elementary and secondary levels. However, all the motivational actions can quite easily be applied to higher levels.

What is the content of this course?

In this course we concentrate more on the motivational aspects and actions that we have found useful in our classrooms, and less on motivation theories. All of these actions are meant to wake up students’ curiosity and interest, engage the students as well as enhance their well-being in the group.

  • Studying this course will take approximately 2-4 hours depending on the time spent on reflection tasks.
  • The course is divided into 6 lessons.
  • Each lesson includes an introduction to the subject, approximately a 2-3 minute video and either practical material or reflection tasks.
  • The videos focus on giving examples of motivational actions used in a lower secondary school in Finland.
  • In order to get best results, it is advisable to study one lesson at a time and think about the tasks carefully before going to the next lesson. 

The following video gives You an example of the videos on our course. It presents the six aspects of motivating and engaging the students. If You find the content interesting and valuable You can easily buy it from below. The teachers of MOTI Education wish You inspiring moments with the course.

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