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Customer Register Description

This is the MOTI Education Register Description as required by the Finnish Personal Information Law (523/1999) 10§ and 24§.

Register Administrator

Moti Education osk





Business ID: 3140802-5

Contact email for register issues or in case of inspecting the data collected from him or her:

Name of the Register

MOTI Education Customer Register

Purpose of the Register

The purpose of the MOTI Education Customer Register is to enable the company to communicate with its customers. The information can be used for customer communication and marketing, mainly for mailings of MOTI Education customer newsletters and for processing personal data for the purposes of online service provisionThe user can opt-out from the marketing lists by sending an e-mail to All personal information is handled with compliance of the Finnish Personal Information Law.

Information in the Register

The register includes the following information about the customer:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Organisation and position
  • Organisation address details
  • Organisation details
  • Permission information: customer’s consent to receive marketing 
  • Purchase transaction information
  • Information about the termination of a customer relationship

The regular Data Sources of the Register

The register is collected from the register holder’s customer information system. Data is also collected via the newsletter order and “contact us” forms on the internet page.

Protection of the Register

The register is only used by staff of MOTI Education. Our staff is involved to use the information safely and ethically.  All information is stored in the system of the register holder which is protected by operating system security software and firewalls. Please note that despite even the most stringent security measures and protocols, the privacy of information sent over the internet can never be 100% guaranteed. All data sent over the internet is at your own responsibility.


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Personal information will be kept confidential. We will never give your information to third parties unless it is required by Finnish law. You can at any times remove your account information or unsubscribe to our newsletter. You can also contact us to request the deletion of your information by mailing to

Changes of Rules

MOTI Education reserves the right to change or modify the rules of registration. Users are notified of these changes in the service or by e-mail. By continuing the use of the service, the users acknowledge acceptance of the changed rules.