Online Courses

Education can be categorised into four core elements; motivation, orientation, teaching and innovation. All of these elements affect our work every day. Each brings  challenges  to overcome  and problems  to solve.

Motivation improves learning outcomes

Motivation and Well-being of Students

Would You like to improve Your skills in motivating students and help them to get better learning results? If Your answer is yes, this is the course for You. In this short course we give tools that will help You to become a teacher who knows how to motivate students and help them achieve better results.

Orientation and team work are required before each course in order to succeed with different types of students

Preventing School Drop-out

What kind of possibilities would these be to develop a school? The course of preventing school drop-out will reveal you some secrets of Finnish education.

In addition of our online-courses we are able to arrange lectures, lessons, workshops and courses about all those skills that teacher needs for succeeding in teaching. Feel free to ask more.